The individuals behind the murder of Diana Chelele might walk away scot-free as documents which would ensure they are prosecuted for their crimes are now missing.

eDaily reports that the Kimutai Bosek, the family’s lawyer, was on his way to Naivasha where was to attend a court hearing when he was hijacked by unknown people.

Its said that Bosek’s attackers made away with documents which were crucial to the hearing and now Chelele’s family fears that her killers might get away with their heinous acts.

What angered them even more is that they traveled all the way to Naivasha for the hearing which had been slated for Monday, 22 but it failed to take place.

Chelele’s family members are now calling on the government to act swiftly as they are afraid that Bosek’s attackers might come after them.

The popular Kalenjin musician was found murdered on January, 7, 2016. Chelele’s body was found a the veranda of her Bomet home with deep stab wounds.

Days later, her husband Eric Musila was arrested in connection with the murder. However, he denied commiting the crime.