Tanasha Donna with Diamond Platnumz
Heavily pregnant Tanasha Donna with Diamond Platnumz

Diamond Platnumz father, Mzee Abdul Juma, says that people have always spoken ill about Diamond ever since he was in his mother’s womb.

The celebrity father told Tanzania’s Yo Fave that now that he has kids, people will continue to talk about him.

“Naseeb wasn’t successful in getting a child with Wema and people talked about him. They said his cassava was not working. He has now gotten kids and people are still talking. People will always talk and you cannot stop them.”

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Diamond Platnumz visits TandaleHe went on to say that Diamond Platnumz has taken after him in many of the things he does; Like wearing silver and gold chains.

“I was wearing such things even before Diamond was born. I used to sell them. They are not new to me. When you see Diamond do these things It automatically comes from me.”

Mzee Abdul for the first time was invited to Diamond’s Tandale home where he ate and danced with Mama Diamond and his entire family.

“I remembered when I was raising him and he really made me happy as a father. I blessed him. Mama Diamond and IĀ are in a good relationship. We are fresh.”

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Diamond Platnumz with ZariMzee, however, refused to comment and why Diamond’s other kids weren’t invited to the event.

“It’s a family issue that I cannot talk about.”

Mzee Abdul reunited with his son, Diamond mid this year at a popular Tanzanian radio station after years of not seeing eye to eye.

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