The reason Diamond’s mother never really warmed up to Tanasha Donna was that she had her eyes set on an Arab girl for Diamond.

The girl, an Oman by descent, comes from a super-wealthy family.

A source who is close to Mama Dangote told Tanzanian media, Global Publishers, that in early 2019 Mama Diamond pushed the idea of the bongo star settling with the wealthy babe and dumping Tanasha.

The only problem at the time was, Tanasha was already heavy with child.

She was three months pregnant.

Tanasha’s mum called her over Diamond’s cheating scandal

That is when the drama began.

Tanasha even knew when the whole family travelled to Oman to visit the rich Oman girl.

The entourage had Diamond, the mum, sister Esma and a popular actor called Juma Lokole.

From then on, Tanasha’s goose was cooked. It was only a matter of time before the family conspired to push her out.

When Diamond’s dad was called for comment about this matter, he told Global Publishers,

“Yes, I have heard about the wealthy Omani woman and my son. However, I am yet to get the full details about their alleged relationship,” Mzee Abdul said.

Kamati ya roho chafu! Diamond’s mum unfollows lover for defending Tanasha

Last weekend, after Tanasha packed her stuff and left Tanzania in a huff, Mama Dangote and the family held a party to celebrate Diamond’s newfound freedom.

Mama Dangote’s young hubby told sections of the press that “yes, there was a party of that kind” but did not expound further.

Tanasha in her breakup post branded Diamond a narcissist, adding,

“It is like dancing with the devil. Forgive them, walk away and let God deal with their karma. I will never sell my soul, and I can back that.”

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