Mama Dangote
Mama Dangote

Diamond Platnumz’s mother, Sandrah Kassim aka Mama Dangote is sick. The celebrity mother shared photos while receiving medicine via a drip on her hand.

She is yet to announce what she is ailing from but this comes just days after her daughter, Esma Khan was admitted in hospital.

She was visited by her daughters, her mother and a couple of celebrities.

Esma also said that her illness, which she did not reveal was the reason she did not go to see Diamond Platnumz’s kids Princess Tiffah and Prince Nillan who had jetted from South Africa to Tanzania for a visit.

A week ago, Esma revealed that she is yet to fully recover.

Her husband is currently in South Africa where his two other wives are based. He and Esma have had a misunderstanding just three months into their marriage.

Esma confirmed on social media;

‘Ndio, nimeachika, I am single’ she wrote on Instagram

(Yes, we are not together, I am single.)

Why I left my husband- Esma, Diamond’s sister reveals