Sallam, Diamond Platnumz’s manager has spoken about allegations that Rich Mavoko is being mistreated by WCB record label.

Mavoko has laid his complaint before BASATA (Barasa La Sanaa Tanzania) saying that he is being mistreated by the record label.

The manager told Lil Ommy that he was called by BASATA to look into Mavoko’s situation.

We were called by BASATA because Rich Mavoko was complaining about the contract. The contract is long and is about ten pages. We are planning another meeting to know what his complaint is.

Rich Mavoko
Rich Mavoko

But is Rich Mavoko still a WCB artiste?

The contract says well that Rich mavoko is an artiste under WCB. Before he was signed, he was given the contract for a week to go through and he was comfortable with it. If he wants to leave, he should just follow the procedure on the contract. 

He says that the label hasn’t mistreated any of their artistes

Ukisema sisi tunamnyonya mtu, kwana ukiangalia kwenye mkataba wetu msanii anapata percentage kabla sisi hatujalipa kodi. Sasa nani ananyonywa hapo.

Sallam, Diamond’ manager

Kwani alikua ananyanyaswa? Rich Mavoko wins case against Diamond’s WCB

Mavoko has a new song dubbed Happy but Sallam says the dough will go through WCB to reach the artiste because he is still signed.

Before WCB, Mavoko was signed under King Kaka’s Kaka Empire record label.

Mavoko is not the only artist who has exited WCB with bad blood. A couple of artists have been leaving Diamond Platnumz’s record label recently and it seems like all is not well at the label.

Diamond’s photographer Kifesi was suspended from work. He later revealed that Diamond had blocked him.

The singer’s bodyguard Mwarabu fighter also left the company after he had irreconcilable differences with the Salome hitmaker and label head Diamond.