Diamond Platnumz video vixen for the hits single Gaby XO has proven that being a model is never an easy task, simply because many would want to be the huge stars that they’ve always wanted to be but it just won’t happen because of the many hurdles they face.

One of them is having to deal with sex hungry big wigs in the industry.

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Gaby Xo

That’s exactly the same thing that Gabriela Rocha, the gorgeous model that made viewers fall in love with Diamond Platnumz’s “Eneka” video character.

Gaby Xo recently spoke out against.

The South African beauty took the Internet by storm when the video dropped, with many wanting to know who she really is.

In my recent interview with her, Gaxy XO, as she is widely known opened up about one of her lowest career moments.

However, being the strong girl she is, the commercial model managed to walk out of it.

“I was in another situation with another agency. It’s a well known agency. I was in grade 9, still trying to break into the industry. I had a phone interview with this particular agency. It was weird because I was still young and they sent emails saying that they were looking for assistants. I later went with my mom, we had a normal conversation…” she started.

Gaby XoThe gorgeous influencer, who has also worked with rapper K.O and Daniel Wellington, did not believe what ensued next.

“So this guy went ahead and said, ‘you’re a very gorgeous person. Why don’t you look into being a model? And I told him, “Well, that’s basically what I have been looking for.”

Gaby Xo

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“He was like, ‘don’t worry, we’ll sign you and support you in every way we can.’ Everything seemed cool until he mentioned that he’s got court cases of girls who accuse him of sexual assault, but I didn’t need to worry about that since they were just out to tarnish his name,” she said.


“As a young girl, I believed him. I was just naive. But my mom was like, ‘there’s something that doesn’t settle right with me. Let’s just Google him.’ So we did that, and we came across something sinister. His wife had found text messages of him telling a model that if she disclosed what happened between them, he would end her career.”

That’s when Gaby hit a roadblock. Her hopes to breakthrough came to a grinding halt. She had to abort all this. However, she’s gone on to become the big model that she is now and is headed to greater heights!