Diamond and brother Romy Jones

Romy Jons, brother to bongo star Diamond Platnumz has apologized after being rumoured to have cheated on his wife. Jons walked down the aisle last December in an invites-only wedding in Tanzania.

Four months down the line, he and the wife are making headlines. He was rumoured to have been cheating on his wife with Tanzanian star Baraka The Prince’s girlfriend.

Talking exclusive to Mpasho,co,ke, Romy says he sent messages to the girl in question which Baraka considered flirting.

“I texted Baraka’s girlfriend but I was just looking for connections in terms of my career and business. The way I sent the message didn’t sound right to him. He thought I wanted his girlfriend.But that wasn’t the case.I didn’t mean it”

The two have released a collabo called Bora Iwe, a project Romy says he released to show fans that their beef is settled.

“We already had a project me and Baraka, I decided to release it because I had already apologized to him, the girlfriend and my wife as well.”

So, how did the wife take this?

“I had to explain to her, I told her that NaJ and I have been friends for long. I begged for forgiveness, of course there were ups and downs.”

romy, Diamond Brother and wife

Acha lolo ilambwe! Diamond’s brother runs to Kenya after cheating on wife

He added that the woman he was said to have cheated with was once Diamond’s girlfriend.

“She was in a previous relationship with Diamond”

Here is the exclusive Interview: