Zari Hassan has become the envy of every woman. Her new lover, who she refers to as King bae is treating her like a queen.

The romantic man has been showering her with gifts and sending her flowers every morning.

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Zari, is smitten with love and she has confessed that she’s indeed happy. The mysterious man sent the mother of five a bouquet of red roses wrapped with 200 notes of South African Rands.

The roses are roughly 65 and a total amount of notes wrapped around each flower is Sh100,000.

Zari Hassan
Zari flaunts flowers from bae

She jotted a heartwarming message to her bae, which read:

What did I do to deserve all this? My heart is so thankful & full my Love.
Love is a precious thing and am blessed to love and have the love from a great man like yourself. I love you Bae❣💕

Here are reactions from Zari’s friends:

mariah_alice_mohamedy You deserve @zarithebosslady everything happens for a reason ❣️❣️
naemnaadir The guy is so romantic 😍😍😍😍😘😘😘enjoy zari u deserve better.
tyrahus Our God is never early and never late. This is your time babes. Enjoy

Nalumu Dianah Kiguli Thank you for loving our Zarinah Tale watuwonya akakodomi kekasiwufu kekenzi we face book inlaws we are happy.

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Teddy Kevin Who else is confused counting the rand?

Idayat Tijani Enjoy mama tee, you deserved even more💞💞💞 how i wished you know, how i love seeing you in love, it makes so happy 🤗🤗🤗

Bugavan Da Don Beautiful ladies deserves good things enjoy zee

justcallmecityla He knows the woman he has that money is her first priority

shaamohamed U deserve mama pinto♥️👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

Mariam Nassuna Some one tag tanasha and tell her we have no problem with her struggling with side hen sijui pregnant with twins simanyi triplets this side we saw the sun and we are okay keep fighting nga ffe wetufuna love enzinge musente

lilian.precious You deserve all even more Zari you are one in a million have seen in the world mmmmh…….don’t forget to invite me siku ya harusi mumy

sandrahnguna Ooh God, why are my neighbors not copying aah. Happy for u beautiful, it feels sweet to be loved right

myfaithabie U deserves it miss zee God please protect this love 🙏🏾

araine Mama dear,God knows how to wipe tears, don’t you ever forget that.

zainahn You deserve every thing Mama..

Just rcently, Zari shared a message thanking Diamond for cheating on her because life wouldn’t be better if he didn’t.

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