Diamond Platnumz and Zari Hassan’s battle has come to a perfect boil.

The former celebrity couple is at loggerheads.

Zari is moving out of the mansion Diamond bought for her, she has already bought another house and furnished it.

Zari with King bae
Zari with King bae at their new villa

Zari plans to leave Diamond’s heartbreak mansion after King Bae buys her a villa

This comes after Diamond went live on air and claimed Zari cheated on him, an allegation Zari denied vehemently.

Zari dumped Diamond after his infidelity hit the national headlines in major East African media houses.

From left: Esma, Tanasha, Diamond and Sanura
From left: Esma, Tanasha, Diamond and Sanura

After their war of words cooled down, Diamond unfollowed his children, Tiffah and Nillan on Instagram.

He also admitted that he has fallen behind on his child support for his two children who currently reside in South Africa with their mother.

He also admitted that he has not had any form of communication with Nillan and Tiffah for a while since he parted ways with their mother.

Diamond’s excuse was that Zari has blocked every avenue left for him to see or communicate with the children.

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Zari called him out on his lies.

“From my side, tumekusahau. Yaani you don’t exist. You have no contacts with the kids because you decided to, your ego doesn’t let you.”

Adding, “We don’t get emotional and financial support from you, so I don’t understand where you get the audacity to go on national radio in your own country and start accusing me of having all these affairs that I never did.

The trio

She continued, “The children couldn’t come to Tanzania because you last saw them in October. You’re not emotionally, physically, financially involved in their lives. You didn’t expect me to just throw my kids on a flight and go,” she said on Insta stories.”

Zari told her fans that she sought to involve a lawyer so that they can have a parental plan in place.

“That’s why my lawyer asked your lawyer to have a parental plan in place where you are involved in these kids’ lives. So if you ever needed them to come to Tanzania, it would be easy. So get your act together, grow some b*lls and get some s**t done, okay?” she said.

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Now, the star seems to have given up and unfollowed his children altogether.

Could it be because of zari’s shot at him?

Check out her instastory.

Zari wrote, “Men who cheat do take the best family pictures.”

Adding, “Yes. We see you, all acting clean and saint. I know one for sure, my ex.”

A spot check on Diamond’s account shows that he has unfollowed his two children.

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