Esma Platnumz

Diamond’s sister Esma, has confirmed that she and her husband fell in love a month before they tied the knot.

Esma, however, said she and her tycoon husband, Msizwa, had been friends for years.

“We have been friends for years but we only got into a relationship for one month. In that one month, things went fast. They tied the knot few days ago in a celebrity-packed event”I didn’t have plans to get married, I had already given up on marriage. I didn’t like marriage, that’s why I didn’t want to put my relationship in public,” said Esma.

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Esma Platnumz's weddingShe is married as the third wife, Msizwa’s two other wives live in South Africa.

“I hadn’t even ever thought that I would be married as the third wife let alone the thought of being married as the second wife. But it is God’s plan, I am enjoying and everyone is on their level.”

Esma Platnumz's weddingEsma has not communicated to the other co-wives since marrying Msizwa.

“I have never spoken nor seen them, I believe they are cool with the whole situation.”

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