Diamond Platnumz ameamua ni kutesa!

Let me take you down memory lane. Do you remember the song Mbagala? Ohh boy child! Diamond was just trying his luck in music and look at him now; started from the bottom now he’s here.

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Diamond has gained a lot. Not just muscle but women, children and a booming career which brings in some good money. As we speak, he’s touring the US, taking his music international after all the collabos he has managed to scoop.

His peers and even haters admit that the boy worked for his. Platnumz has really worked hard to get to where he is na bado.

Diamond Platnumz
Diamond Platnumz

He has taken his work ethic to the gym. Kwangwaru hitmaker has been hitting the gym ready for the tour. Diamond is in the US with his friends and DJ, Romy Jons. Of course, to capture every moment with his fans, Diamond posted pictures of him and Romy at one of the radio stations.

First of all, being on radio in the US is a big deal for his career and so congratulations are in order. Now onto more pressing matters. Diamond looks like a whole meal in his black tee and durag. I am not thirsting over someone’s father, no, I am just appreciating God’s creation.

Take at how good Diamond looks after putting in time in the gym and not women:




I don’t know if this is pressure because of being in the public eye or if it gets someone extra coins because Wiz Khalifa is also taking that route.

From his days singing Roll Out, Khalifa will probably make Amber Rose crawl back into his arms. Take a look at the snack Wiz Khalifa has become:

From my research on google, men decide to build their muscle like that basically for attention. Makes them feel more of a man because that is the one thing they will be identified with.

More like makeup for the ladies, so dear men, do not judge women and tell them to keep it all natural no one tells you to stop building, we all want to look good.

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