Zari and Diamond

Diamond Platnumz has responded to his baby mama Zari Hassan after she called him a clown and a dead beat who does not support his kids.

This she wrote on her Insta stories.

Speaking during a live interview with Wasafi TV, Diamond said he and Zari only talk through lawyers.

‘You can’t please the world when your own kids are not happy,’ Zari warns Diamond

But after that post, he reached out to her and they talked.

‘You know when you are in a relationship with kids, there is some bitterness left.

And that bitterness is especially with women since they are the ones left with kids. 

I  saw the post and before then we had been talking through our lawyers.

But I texted her and told her that she was my co-parent and that her respect means alot to me.

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Diamond explains that despite everything he values the mother of her kids.

‘This is because she gave me my first kids and no matter how much we differ my value for her will never go down.

I told her there is no need of putting such posts on social media since it is potraying such a bad picture. 

We talked and everyone put there issues on the table.

We then agreed maybe there had been a miscommunication between our lawyers.’

In conclusion, he said,

‘I thank God and am hoping that after coronavirus pandemic, our co-parenting will improve.’