A nosy fan got a dose of her own medicine after trying to criticize Diamond Platnumz for choosing to spend more time with Naseeb Junior.

The fan wrote how she was at a loss as to how someone could chose to love one child more than the other.

‘How can one be a good dad to one child , and abandon the rest Dylan, Nillan & Tiffah😳😳😳😳😳.’ She posed

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Well, as you might already know, Diamond does not have a tight relationship with his kids with Zari Hassan and Hamisa Mobetto.

The two rarely spend time together unlike his child with Tanasha Donna and some people are not impressed.

This was after Sandra Dangote, mother to Diamond Platnumz shared a video of the artiste bonding with his son.

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Babaaaaa 👬❣

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Diamond’s fans were however quick to defend him and below are some of their reactions.

jaye_eme:@armywineee : Diamond is normally a dad to the current chic on fire once he is done na baby mama he gets lost ata ivo ndo he used to post kina nillan kwanza tiffa😂😂😂.

[email protected]: He loves both of his kids for Dylan he wasn’t ready but da b#tch forced for nillan n tifa the mum refused n blocked him what can he do.

One fan was quick to point that he might have abandoned them because he was abandoned too.

[email protected]: because his dad abandoned him too😂😂😂😂

[email protected]: all the guys siding with this guy are not his true friends. A responsible man doesn’t go dispatching kids of the same age everywhere.

[email protected]: That is none of our business…🙌.remove your nose from people’s family.

[email protected]:😅😅😅acha umbea uende mbinguni wewe.

[email protected]: Do you have proof that he has abandon the other kids? no research no right to speak, so shut the f#ck up.

People should cut Diamond some slack, what if the baby mama’s do not want him in their kids lives?

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