Diamond Platnumz has finally been reunited with his children via social media.

Zari, who had blocked him from accessing their children’s Instagram accounts as well as on calls unblocked him.

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Diamond had a video call with his two kids Princess Tiffah and Prince Nillan who are in South Africa. During the call, the singer was with his other child Dylan, he sired with Hamisa Mobetto.

Diamond Platnumz' kids
Diamond Platnumz and his kids during a video call

@deedaylan @princeNillan @Princess_tiffah and I, strategizing how we gonna take this @wcb_wasafi and all Wasafi companies to the Next Level this Year…. I can see someone is Really happy!and someone feel like crying coz of missing me🔥🌍🔥,’ he captioned the pics.

Diamond Platnumz' kids

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The Kwangwaru hitmaker after he was unblocked by his kids, he is still not following any of them.

Diamond Platnumz

Diamond Platnumz has not been providing child support for his kids and Zari has always refered to him as a dead beat. Not so long ago, Zari advised Tanasha Dinna, whos carrying the singer’s fourth child to be very careful with hi,

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A section of his fans advised him to visit his kids and play his role as a parent. Reactions include;

mama_dangote Nillan mzee wakucheka

officialdellsunshine After staying away from them for 9months? Don’t worry about our SA kids, they are doing great without u. The most important person in your life is your pregnant woman. Tiffa used to be so excited talking to u but look at her now. You’ve tormented her emotionally and physically by abandoning them n disrespecting their mom.

benji_fernandes Bro wewe ni umoja wa taifa, unawatoto Uganda, TZ and Now Kenya. Bado Rwanda na Burundi bro usisahau

baba__keagan Fanya umuoe tanasha yasije kukutokea kama hawa watoto leo unaishia kuwapost tu

shirow_njoroge Tiffah doesn’t seem so impressed 😂

kipepeo2 😂😂😂😂Kwaiyo zari kapokea simu

mswazilishi Mwenye company @deedaylan yuko na baba ake wengine wanamuona kwa sim tu 😂

poisonboy Tiffah be like “Who’s this guy?” 😂😂

gucci_housewives Look at Tiffa. She doesn’t know the sperm donor anymore. The girl can smell your lies and kiki from a distance. Playing your parenting role all for kiki.

shegoat “Siku hiz siwaoni Naishia ku wa like pichaaa “😭💞

galempress Watoto wameshtuka hawa ni kama hawajamuona kwa muda woiyee…

winnie_marshel Tifah’s face though🙌🙌🙌🙌

ruby_scarlet Tiffah be like, bruh have we met before?

amina sharof domo I hope you were able to understand Tiffah and Nee’s English. The kids look lost. Esp Tiffah she looks irritated

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