Will the singer heed the call?

Over the past years, the Wasafi CEO Diamond Platnumz, has been sexually linked to a couple of women ever since the limelight begun to shine on him.

Tiffah and Nillan

It all started out by him publicly confessing that he will never cheat on his estranged wife, Zari Hassan, with whom he sired two children – Princess Tiffah and Prince Nillan.

The two are Zari’s fourth and fifth, and Diamond’s first and second.

Zari and Diamond
The couple in Zanzibar in the past

The Tetema hitmaker is well known for his cliche move of publicly confessing his love to all the women that he has been with.

Funny thing is, even with the public confessions most of his relationships always take a wrong turn.

Most celebrities choose to keep their private lives to themselves but Diamond, who refers to himself as ‘Simba’, can’t help himself.

Below is a list of all one night stands that the ‘number one hitmaker has been involved in.

1. Tanzania Socialite Irene

Recently, a Tanzanian socialite shared a picture of herself in what seemed to be Diamond’ bedroom.

Irene shared the picture on Snapchat on a weekday, accompanied by a monkey covering eyes emoji. She later deleted the photo.

This comes barely a few days later after his current bae, Tanasha Donna, visited the singer and shared a picture that is similar to that of Irene.

Wololo! Photo of socialite in Diamond Platnumz’s bed ignite mixed reactions

2. Tanzania model Hamisa Mobetto

Diamond Platnumz and Hamisa’s cheating scandal saw them welcome a baby boy, a fruit of an affair that came after he cheated on Zari, a Ugandan businesswoman.

Hamisa Mobetto
Hamisa posing

This particular cheating scandal with Hamisa saw him gain more fame.

Diamond Platnumz getting cozy with Hamisa Mobeto and one of his video vixens

Diamond Platnumz getting cozy with Hamisa Mobetto Official and one of his video vixens

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3. Tanzanian lady Mia

In January of last year, a Tanzanian lady by the name of Mia came out to confess to have slept with the singer.

She told Shilawadu, a Tanzanian based entertainment site:

ALINIITA, NIKAENDA….ILIKUA NI SAA NNE HIVI, MIMI NILIKUA NA MAMBO MAMBO YANGU. NILIRUDISHWA SAA SABA MCHANA (He called me, I went…It was around 10pm. I was minding my own business. They later dropped me back home the following day at 1pm.”

Mia, captured a video of herself at Diamond’s house while Zari was away taking care of their kids in South Africa.

Zari, pole sana! ‘I slept with Diamond,’ star’s one-night-stand speaks out


But it seems that the father of three will never learn from his mistakes.

My advise to all ladies who are hoping to date Diamond Platumz is;

Do not believe him when he utters, ‘I will never cheat on you’.”