Diamond Platnumz and Zari Hassan posing with the kids
Diamond And Zari took time for a family portrait

Yesterday, Diamond Platnumz and Zari Hassan’s son, Prince Nillan turned one year.

The power couple showered their son with sweet messages on his birthday and Diamond Platnumz’ message read;

“Nasemaje! Kua Uje kuwatembezea Baba… We swala la Kutafta ela niachie mie… Jukumu lako ni moja tu, Kupita nao🔥…..Happy 1st Year Lanny!!! 🎂”

Zari also sent a sweet message to her handsome son and here is her message;

“Ladies and gentlemen help me wish my hanshaaaaaam skwiiiiisshhhh a happy birthday. You surely growing up fast, I see you breaking girls’ 💔s soon b’coz this cuteness is overloaded …. Happy bday my toto Prince Nillan.”

Many celebrities took to social media to wish the young Simba all the best in life and Diamond Platnumz’ official photographer Kifesi’s message caught the attention of many. In the long post he shared on Instagram, Kifesi urges Prince Nillan not to be greedy and to grow up into an honest God fearing man who will not let power get into his head just like most celebrities.

But wait, was he bashing Diamond Platnumz who has been caught in several controversies indirectly?

“Happy birthday Anko #nillan aka WCB future CEO…am just praying ukuwe ukiwa mtoto mzuri.

Grow up honest and good human into the society…mimi baba ako mdogo nimejifunza to BE HONESt is everything in life. Endapo utakuwa honesty, everything will fall in place.
uje uwe Humble hata kma utakua waziri A person who is not blinded or mislead by wealth or power.

A person who is honest, who respects himself and others.. uje uwe hardworking (as ur daddy)and of a positive frame of mind, one who can stand up to any crisis and never be broken down. One who enjoys winning but also knows how to accept defeat gracefully zaidi ya yote uje uwe kijana mwenye kumcha Mungu…. I jUst want u to become good human being on the society…..usimsikilize baba ako keshakunywa #belaire dishi linachezacheza😂😂😂hatutaki uje uvae nepi ukubwan sie,” read Kifesi’s message.