Diamond Platnumz

Diamond Platnumz is a man on a mission -and his mission seems to be to let the rest of us plebs in on the secret. What secret pray tell?! Well that our lives suck.

Mpasho Exclusive: Diamond Platnumz Arrested Over Drugs? His Management Clears The Air

Diamond, one of East Africa’s biggest and most successful stars is out here looking like a million bucks after he launched a BMW i8 similar to the one Kev Mullei of Mo Sound drives. The car is estimated to cost around a hefty 13M Kenya shillings. Hizo pesa zili toka wapi???!!!!

BMW i8

His, however, is blue -to match his shoes –  and he seems not to have been scathed at all by the recent drug busts in Tanzania that targeted top artists whom the government wanted to snitch on their dealers. The reason why I bring this up is because his own brother was among those arrested.

T.I.D And Diamond’s Brother Among Tanzania’s Biggest Artists Arraigned In Court Over Drugs! Nikubaya!

Check out the big bad sexy machine he has launched:

diamond platnumz i8