Diamond Platnumz seems to always collect controversy like my trouser collects blackjacks. When he is not the headlining act in yet another controversial story arch involving him, he is a supporting cast member.

Diamond Platnumz this time is a guest star in the matter but all too unwillingly. His deadbeat father who abandoned his family and left his wife, Kendra Michael to suffer is back headline-grabbing claiming abandonment and the fact he feels because he sired Diamond and he is now a huge star, he is owed something.

Real meme lol
Real meme lol. photo credit: memegen

He was in a recent interview with a Tanzanian entertainment rag and this was what he had to say:

The thing about this is that it isn’t the first time Abdul Naseeb Snr has insisted on being provided for by his son. He is on record on two separate occasions going at his two children (Diamond and his sister) for abandoning him. The time he went after his daughter, Queen Darleen stated that she only knows of Diamond as her father because he stepped in to fill that role.

His estranged wife, however, he says usually supports him whenever he calls her up asking for money. I dunno, I wouldnae be the first to cast a stone at Diamond on this one.