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This will be super embarrassing for the Rolls Royce musician of Africa.

Diamond Platnumz’ dad Mzee Abdul went on TV and gave an interview saying how terrified he is that he could contract COVID-19 during his hustle.

Diamond’s dad told Tanzanian media that he hawks shoes in and about town and that he doesn’t have a shop.

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baba DiamondThis predisposes him to infections during his dealings with customers.

This comes after Diamond shot a live video on Africa Day for MTV. The video was shot in his house in Dar es Salaam showing how rich and opulent his life is.

In contrast  to that, Mzee Abdul told a Tanzanian TV station,

“Namuomba mwanangu Diamond kipindi hiki cha corona aweze kunisaidia kufungulia duka niache kutembeza viatu mitaani ili kujikinga na hili jana.

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Diamond father
Mzee Abdul

(I am begging my son Diamond Platnumz to help me by opening a shoe stall for me during this period of the COVID-19 pandemic. This will aid in avoiding the risk of contracting the virus. As I hawk shoes from street to street and interact with various customers.)”

Diamond is yet to speak on this matter.

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