It doesn’t seem to be a good day for Diamond after he was busted wearing knock offs and proudly showing them off.

Diamond posted a video of him wearing black and white Versace toe-stop sandals embellished by the Greca and a Medusa stud.

On closer observation, the sandals in his video are actually knock off because the official Versace website doesn’t sell anything close to that design.

The original sandals from that like are only black with a leather sole.

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Check out the photo below.

Diamond Versace

Here is how much they are in demand. You cannot find them easily in stock.

Diamond VersaceOther brands with an almost similar style as the Versace sandals charge on average Ksh 50,000 or a pair.

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However, according to the Versace official website, you can authenticate whatever you buy.

“At Versace we take great pride in combining outstanding design with flawless manufacturing. This is how we ensure that our creations meet the top standard you expect from us, a unique quality that is unattainable by counterfeiters,” the website communication read.

Adding, “To make sure that you can easily verify the authenticity of Versace items we have developed an online authentication system. You may authenticate each item you have purchased through its product label by either tapping the NFC tag, scanning the QR code or simply following the link provided on the label. You will need to register with the service. Authentication only takes seconds.”

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Here is the video of Diamond’s black and white sandals. Either he bought out of season sandals or they are just good knock off.

Diamond Platnumz spotted with cheap knockoff Versace Greca Sandals ( video)

Posted by Mpasho News on Friday, September 27, 2019

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