Zari Hassan vs Diamond Platnumz vs Hamisa Mobetto

Diamond Platnumz and his baby mama Hamisa Mobetto have been in love for the longest time but it seems the gloves are off. The singer is not interested in her.

Hamisa Mobetto

Not so long ago, the Utanipenda hitmaker confessed that he regrets having a child with his side dish Hamisa and advised men to always use condoms when sleeping with their mpango wa kandos.

Diamond Platnumz

His remarks angered Mobetto’s mother and in an interview with Global Publishers, she said that she was hurt. (Click on the link below to read the whole story.)

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Well, Hamisa Mobetto and Diamond Platnumz family do not see eye to eye and she has been going around spreading rumours especially about the singer’s mother and sister Esma.

An audio of Hamisa’s mother allegedly speaking to a witch doctor has gone viral. Those who know the socialite’s mother claim it’s her voice and Diamond Platnumz has called them out. In an interview with Wasafi TV he said;

You have gone to witch doctors wishing harm against my family. That means you could kill my mum and here you are asking that I buy you a house.

The disgruntled singer added;

I have heard those voice notes going round. I heard things that I knew that is her (Hamisa). I know this is you. I even told her I know this is you. You want my mum and sister to look like the bad people. They can never be the bad people.

The mother of two is known for picking fights with other celebrities and has documented the several times she has insulted Diamond Platnumz estranged wife Zari and his family.

Recently, she picked a fight with a popular celebrity Zamaradi and the singer said she heard her telling people to help her diss Zamaradi during the fight. He narrated;

 I have seen you send people to troll people and you sent the same people to say mean things about my family. Because you sent them to troll (TV personality) Zamaradi.

He added that Hamisa has gone to witch doctors to compel him to marry her.

What you are doing is not right. You should focus on your businesses and your work instead of going to the witch doctors to charm me into marrying you.

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The socialite has responded to Diamond Platnumz and she posted the pic below

Hamisa Mobetto

She captioned:

Remember The Power Of You 👑