zZari and Diamond Platnumz

Barely a week after dumping Diamond Platnumz like smelly trash, Zari seems to be doing well while on the other hand, the father of two of her five children is depressed.

Is he contemplating suicide? Diamond Platnumz finally breaks his silence after being dumped like smelly trash

To add salt on the wound, Zari revealed that she got an iPhone x worth sh132,000 from a man she only identified as Mr. X.

“So been arguing with ma friends that Samsung has the best pics ever and they say iPhone has the best. What’s your take? And by the way thanks Mr X for the iPhone X, received with thanks 😚. So I’ve got the best phones on the market s8+, Note8 and now IPhone X
Let’s talk mega pixels,”
she wrote accompanied by the photo below.

Zari Hassan
Her followers were quick to judge with some speculating that the mystery man was Diamond PLATNUMZ while others claim it’s her new catch.

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Anyway, who are we to judge, only Zari knows, who Mr x is!

Zari Hassan
Zari Hassan

Check out reactions from her followers:

Richie_tha_boss: Congrats, all are best my friend

Sebastianmboya: Ooh thanks to Mr x

F1dho_faru: Who gave you iPhone x?

Mariegoldprincess: Does iPhone x represent Diamond Platnumz ? Then it means Daimond has been x since 2017 when this iphone was introduced..

Marjolen.nekesa: You received from your X 😂

Bsamuelmomanyi: Ati Mr.X waaa mtoto wa Tandale yu taabani, kweli Ufisi ni mbaya…

Conniekilawe: And who is Mr X? Is he bribing you to take him back, huh..

Xtineliz: You still in love with him. Forgive n let go

Sanabellojain: While Mr X bought her a phone diamond was busy gifting perfumes all along…levels

Lollsniper: Me naomba umsamehe @diamondplatnumz jamn so vzr hvy unasahau yote mlofanya tambua hata uyo unaenda kwake nae aweza kua n kama huyu so ni bora kumlekebisha huyu tu kashajifunza 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

Classic_zari: Tag that Mr. X so that we can follow him😂

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