Diamond and Tanasha

Months after Tanasha Donna walked out on Diamond Platnumz has insisted that she was the woman he wanted to marry. He is 100% sure of it.

According to him there were things that they needed to agree on but did not.

This, he revealed after he was asked if he plans on getting married anytime soon, during an interview on Wasafi TV.

‘To be honest Tanasha and I are not together. There were things that were out of our ability so we decided to give each other space.

We agreed as civilized people and it is not about me being caught cheating. That has never happened.”

He added that in the relationship with Tanasha, he was very settled and had set his mind on her.

“That was one of the relationships that I was very calm. When I met Tanasha and started a relationship with her, I left behind a lot of immaturity.

We sat down as a family and spoke about the future and we didn’t agree cause everyone wanted what they wanted, so there was a misunderstanding.

If God has planned, we can go back together”

He went on to say that he wanted to marry Tanasha and was not a joke neither was it a stunt.

“I wanted to marry Tanasha a hundred percent, one million percent.

But maybe God has a plan, there are things why we didn’t get to the same page.”

Months ago, Tanasha spoke to True Love about her relationship with Diamond.

‘Your value before my eyes will never change,’ Diamond tells Zari after calling him a dead beat dad

She said that things happened so fast with Diamond wanting to marry her 3 months after they had started dating.

“Things started happening really fast. I wasn’t in love yet. I liked his energy and his vibe but I was in love.

Then all of a sudden he wanted to marry me. This was after three months of dating.

Then a date was set for February.’

Tanasha added that she still wanted to take her time to get to know the Tanzanian first.

“Somewhere in August 2019 things started hitting rock bottom. I used to ask what changed.

I think the public could see it,” she admitted.

‘I’m single, focusing on my life,’ Diamond on dating after Tanasha dumped him


“I have gone through a lot for a woman my age.

Relationships have given me a dark mindset so for my next relationship, I have decided I am not fornicating until he puts a ring on it.

I am working on rebuilding relationships. I am the kind of person who shuts out people I love,’ she explained.

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