What is a day on Mpasho.co.ke without the mention of Diamond Platnumz? Not normal! Even with the likes of Jacque Maribe, Okoth Obado and Joe Irungu hogging the entertainment(murder) headlines the “Boy from Tandale” still gives us plenty of tabloid-worthy material.

The artiste performing

What has he done today? Is it a new song that he has released? Boooooriiingg! Is it anugggly new hairstyle? Boooooriiing!!!

Diamond Platnumz Tanzania
With his new hairstyle

No, it is at is almost always is with Diamond, his women and the women he is linked with. Last week he was seen dancing with his one-time rumoured fling Tunda Sebastian and it sparked queries about whether the two were back together?

Simba atamuoa? Socialite Tunda twerks and grinds furiously on Diamond(video)

Now onto the new mystery woman that he has been linked with. She is a ka-yellow-yellow that fits the mold of the women Diamond goes out with.

Zari Diamond Platnumz Hamisa
With some of his previous women

Just this week he was snapped by his official photographer Juma Lokole with a new pretty thing. In it, Juma pictured the two in a lovers pose. Then he spoke some very deep Kiswahili that I don’t understand and don’t care to find out.

Diamond with the new yellow yellow

The word shoga in his caption made me move along. Swiftly. Diamond’s sister took the opportunity to also congratulate her new “sister-in-law” according to another tabloid I read. Yes, the Swahili they use is like rocket science. Get a better look of her below:

Diamond with the new yellow yellow

So who is this new woman? Sijui and I won’t look into it as she isn’t Huddah fine! But you can find out if the bug bites you.

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