Diamond on stage
Diamond on stage

Diamond Platnumz, the Tanzanian superstar and WCB CEO who is well known for his love for musical collaborations, has revealed what it takes to get them done.

Diamond Platnumz
bongo star Diamond Platnumz

The Bongo star spilled the beans on how much he had to pay the American artistes he has worked with in the past. He revealed this information during a recent meeting between Tanzanian musicians and the Tanzania Communication Regulatory Authority (TCRA).

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The ‘Katika” hitmaker opened up about how much he spent on the two collaborations that featured American stars Ne-Yo and Rick Ross in ‘Marry you’ and ‘Waka Waka‘.

Diamond Platnumz
singer Diamond Platnumz

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That means that the two projects cost him a total of KHS. 16million shillings. He revealed that Ne-Yo charged him Ksh.10 million while Rick Ross asked him for 5.6 million for the video shoot.

muziki umebadilika sio kama zamani. Miaka ya zamani ulikuwa unashoot music videokwa shilingi millioni moja lakini siku hizi garama imeingezeka.

During the (TCRA) meeting Diamond emphasized that the music industry had evolved and the market standards are high and it’s only going to get worse with time.

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He also added that the industry is full of competition, therefore, artists are forced to invest in their work and put out good records that can sell them to the international market. He said:

muziki ni soko la ushindani.ukifanya kiwango kidogo mziki wako unakufa na hata hauwezi kubalika 

Diamond also disclosed that he had approached another American rapper Tyga to work with him on a new project. Tyga was demanding to be paid $150,000/Kes 15 million before he could agree to any collaboration.

He said:

nataka kufanya muziki na Tyga lakini anataka miillion kumi na tano kabla. Lazima ufanye kwa sababu tunaangalia masuko ya nje na ndio tupate mabadiliko kwa sababu hatuwezi kuwa tukifanya nyimbo na Rayvanny na Harmonize kila wakati.

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