Diamond Platnumz
Diamond Platnumz. photo credit: Instagram/Diamond Platnumz

Diamond has women in different area codes. In each East African country, there is a woman who has claimed the boy from Tandale as her man. Whether the claims are true is up for debate but as the saying goes, where there is smoke there will be inevitably some fire.

Diamond Platnumz
Diamond Platnumz. photo credit: instagram/Diamond Platnumz

The ones we do know that are for real( i.e women the crooner has slept with) include Hamisa Mobeto and Zari Hassan. The proof is the children that they have together with the superstar.

Prince Nillan, Diamond Platnumz' son during his birthday
Prince Nillan, Diamond Platnumz’ son during his birthday

The other women that lay claim to his overused britches don’t have this type of indisputable proof. From Tunda Sebastian to Rwandan socialite Shaddy Boo, they may claim having bedded the singer but that is just that, a claim.

Diamond and Zari
Diamond and Zari. photo credit: Instagram

So you would expect that the musician would be a busy man this Valentines considering the many women clamouring to be his woman.

Tunda Sebastian
Tunda Sebastian. photo credit: Instagram/Tunda Sebastian

But that is not the case according to Tanzanian to tabloid Dizzim, the singer explained that he would either go out with his mother or brothers and friend depending on where he will be on the lovers holiday. He said:

“Sasa itategemea itanikuta wapi siku hiyo kama itanikuta kwa mzazi mwenzangu basi atakuwa yeye lakini kama ikinikuta huku basi Valentine wangu watakuwa ndugu zangu na marafiki zangu,”

Prince Nillan
Diamond Platnumz with his manager Babu Tale

Sasa Zari atafanya nini? I don’t think this news will trouble her in any way. Isn’t she a strong and independent woman? Hehehe!

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