The artiste performing

Diamond has been linked with a long list of females, from slay queens to beauty queens, his exploits are legendary!

Diamond Platnumz and Wema Sepetu
Diamond with Wema Sepetu

For a while, I thought the reason was his money, looks and his stature as East Africa’s biggest musician. Who knew he was thrice blessed with a third leg that even blue movie star would be jealous of.

With Huddah


But who knew that the man who was married to Zari Hassan and has a child with Hamisa Mobetto was also packing heat below the belt.

It is official, in a recently released photo, the “Kidogo” singer can be seen with something huge in his pants. Maybe it is an issue with the wind flapping his pants but the definition startingly looks like a mjulubeng!

In the photo with his cassava popping, he is seen posing Harmonize and his sister Queen Darleen. It is below:

Diamond and his Wasafi crew
Look at the left-hand side of his pant leg. What do you see?

The hitmaker and his Wasafi crew arrived in Iringa town with fans mobbing the star and his crew on Thursday November 29th ahead of Wasafi Festival set to go down on today evening.

Diamond and his Wasafi crew

The Wasafi crew even took time to pose for photos after several media interviews upon arriving in the town.


Diamond and his Wasafi crew Diamond and his Wasafi crew

Some keen fans even commented saying:

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What do you think? Was it the wind playing tricks or was it real meat?

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