Diamond Platnumz
Diamond Platnumz

Diamond has pushed the boundaries once again.

In his recent performance in Kahama, he got half n@ked with a female fan, in bed.

Fans went on a frenzy when led the unsuspecting female fan towards the bed that was on stage and went ahead to smell her neck like a lover would.

The sensual dance went further when Diamond removed the white vest he had on, to the glee of the ecstatic crowd.

This flirtation was ongoing as the Emeka song was playing in the background. They both removed their shoes and hope onto the bed.

Diamond’s message to Willy Paul after accident


Once they got into bed, Diamond and the female fan simulated sensual styles that love-crazed appreciated.

Of course, Diamond is the king of flirting, he also took time out to flatter the female fan telling her how stunning she looks.

At one point they grind while on the bed.

Diamond poses with the lady on the bed and the dance they shared also involved a little bit of grinding.

Fans reacted to the performance. here are some of their opinions.

Deka Abdi: Subhnallah I doubt his faith, though Allah knows the best.

Noah: Be careful Diamond, Tanasha Asihuzike Uwemwangalifu kwa wadada.

denismurh: hey, very nice, unaperform kama Usher… nice one.

france queen
france queen: Kazi zenu kushidikiza shetani

Zari counts her blessings after blocking Diamond Platnumz

You can watch the performance below