Diamond Platnumz is a concerned father.

He is the father of 3 children. 2 from Zari and 1 from Hamisa. According to analysis, Tiffah looks like she will take the route of being in the limelight. As much as Diamond is known as a man with alot of notches on his bedpost, he wants the best for his daughter.


Diamond knows all the drama in the music industry seeing as he is one of the brightest luminaries in it. When asked what his reaction would be in case Tiffah decides to delve into music. He couldn’t take it.

He doesn’t want Tiffah in there at all! In fact, he has doubts about Tiffah being there because she might fall for team mafisi! I quote:

naogopa iwapo Tiffah ataingia katika muziki ataweza atembea kimapenzi na wanaume wengi.

Clearly, he does not trust the boy child with his jewel. Diamond is a strong believer in the apple not falling far from the tree because he knows his mistakes. Ofcourse, as a parent, you want nothing but the best for your child.

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Well, one artiste and comedian from Tanzania, Madee has a different school of thought. He believes if you want something go for it. He will not limit his daughter (who is very cute by the way) when it comes to career choices. Madee says he also followed the footsteps of his father so why would he stop his daughter from the same?


“Tunashauriwa tuwaangalie watoto wafanye kile ambacho wanapenda kwa sababu anaweza kuwa anapenda mpira mimi nikamzuia nikamwambia afanye kitu kingine na asifanikiwe, nitakuwa nimepata lawama. So akielekea huko mimi sina tatizo kwa sababu hata mimi mwenyewe nimemfuata baba yangu alikuwa ni mwanamuziki wa Western Tabora Jahazi Band wala hakutegemea nitakuwa mwanamuziki, so sitaona maajabu sana kwa sababu Waswahili wanasema maji hufuata mkondo,”


I don’t know what you think regarding this topic but I think when you teach your daughter the bad and the good, you should then let her be. You’ve done your part so just keep trusting that all will fall into place.