Diamond Platmunz refused to address the issue of his paternity in the much publicised Wasafi Media press conference.

The news made rounds all weekends with the headlines making for some juicy gossip.

Speaking at the launch of a mega-concert hosted by Wasafi Media, Diamond lauded the work the government has done for the entertainment industry.

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He also pointed out how the concert will do a lot to push the youth into pursuing meaningful employment using their talent.

When it came to the time for a Q&A with the media, the MC for the event warned the members of the fourth estate from bringing up the salacious matter on who is Diamond’s daddy.

“Muulize maswala yanayo tengana an mambo ya leo, ninadhani mumelielewa!”


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He added,

“Ask one question per person don’t be greedy and ask 7 questions. one is enough.”

The MC further clarified,

“We apologize and that matter will be addressed at a different forum. I request that hat matter be left because it will be addressed at a later date.”

This was a move to avoid the scandal macking up the waters for his sponsors who were Pepsi and Tigo.

Seem like it will take a little bit longer for Diamond to clarify this ragging issue that has captured the attention of East African fans. Bu one journalist still asked about it.

All a blushing Diamond said on the matter was,

“vitu ni vingi but muda ni mchache.”

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“Kila maneno yana pahala pake, kwa bahati iliokua mzuri hapa ni mahali pa swala lingine. In my solo interview I will talk about all those issues you are asking.”

Asked about Gigi Money getting banned by BASATA after performing on Wasafi TV, Diamond said,

“As the days go by, you get to meet new challenges and you then plan for those eventualities. That is why if you are not certified with Basata then you cannot perform at the gig. Those selected are the ones who treasure and follow the culture of Tanzania.”

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