Diamond and his father
Diamond and his father

Diamond Platnumz is always in the news. This is because of the nature of his life in the fast lane, with his personal life and career often intersecting in dramatic ways.

One area of his personal life has become a cause for concern for his fans – his relationship with his estranged father, Abdul Juma. This is after it was revealed that Abdul is ailing.

Diamond's fathers feet
A picture of Diamond’s father’s feet

Some of Diamond’s fans see the issue as a potential source of curses in his future if he does not reach out to pay for his father’s medical treatment.

I come from a single parent family and I think I can shed some light on this matter.

Diamond’s side

His father and mother broke up when the Diamond was a young boy. He was largely raised by his mother and has succeeded mainly with her backing and support.

Sanura with her son
Diamond with his mother Sanura

The result; one of the biggest musicians in East Africa, nay Africa, all this without the constant presence of his biological father.

What does Diamond owe his father at this stage of his life? Loyalty? Maybe. Honour, maybe. Duty, maybe. Love, no. Money, a big NO. Why? In life you owe no one anything, especially a deadbeat father.

His father’s side

His father Abdul might believe that his son owes him some form of help, especially as a conservative religion like Islam (which they both follow) demands that children honour their parents.

What other justification does he have for begging for his son’s help after the history the two have? A plea to his son’s generous side? Maybe?

Diamond in traditional Islamic attire

The only point I see that can sway the “African Beauty” singer is future regret. Whether not helping his dad now will impact his life later on.

My verdict

Diamond owes no one anything, especially a man who did not play a part in his success. As a man who has seen my mother struggle to take care of me most of my life, my loyalty and duty are to her and anyone like her (people who are helpful).

Diamond Platnumz with his mother
Diamond Platnumz with his mother

Diamond might probably end up helping his father, due to the hue and cry that he has received from his critics. I would tell him to stay the course and ignore the court. You survived without his guidance most of your life, him dying will not change that.

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