Diamond brother

Diamond Platnumz was arrested for posting a series of videos that suggested the star may have had and orgy with Harmonize, his baby mama Hamisa Mobetto and an unidentified mzungu.

Like that is not eyebrow raising news by itself, his brother has now been exposed for cheating on his wife.

Romy Jones who just 5 months ago got married, has been put on blast for cheating on his beautiful wife.


The embarrassing news was unleashed by an angry Baraka the Prince. You know him from his hit collabo with Kenyan star Otile Brown.

The song, Niseme Nawe is about two men who are tussling over a beautiful woman. Baraka the Prince pulls all the dirty tricks on an unsuspecting Otile who thinks he has won the battle of wowing the beautiful damsel.

Watch the drama here.

Anyhow, Baraka exposed Romy’s affair with his bae on social media after finding his salacious text messages on her phone.

In an angry rant, Baraka called Romy a “shenzi type” and a “wack pimp”.

In another post, Baraka posted a video clip of Romy Jones saying he loves his wife, and branded him a “chicken head” for his hypocrisy.

Seems like Romy Jones hasn’t realised his mistake. He posted a meme that reads:

“Leaving a man because of cheating is like leaving a country because of rain.”

The meme adds, “It rains everywhere, my sister, sit down.”

The biggest shocker is that Diamond Platnumz endorsed the post saying:

“Hivo yan!!!”

Check out the screenshot with the damning comment.

Diamond brother post

Diamond begs for forgiveness in police custody after explicit videos

This goes to show, Diamond knew he was hurting Zari with his rampant and incessant cheating but his moto was, “It will rain anyway, kwani utaenda wapi Zari?”

Days later, Romy Jones saw the error of his ways and begged for his wife’s forgiveness.

He wrote: “Nakupenda sana mke wangu. Naomba unisamehe kwa lolote lililojitokeza na kukufanya ukose amani na furaha moyoni kwani furaha yako ni furaha yangu pia!!! Sisi ni binadam na hatujakamilika!!!! Nakupenda na nitazidi kukupenda daima. You are my love, my bestfriend, my happiness, my everything. Mungu tulindie ndoa yetu inshaallah.”

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