Diamond is on the receiving end of false reports. The poor bugger is constantly being mentioned in relation to narcotics with no abating. 

You see, in Tanzania there has been a purge of sorts seeking out drug dealers but the government there had a sneaky way of going about this, they first targeted suspected drug users and alot of celebrities were caught in the dragnet.

A site, Metro-UK, the same garbage site that claimed Kansiime was arrested in Heathrow for cocaine possession has simply reworded that very story and replaced Anne Kansiime with Diamond Platnumz.

Anne Kansiime Busted For Drugs At Heathrow Airport? She Reveals The Not So Shocking Truth

But this story would fool the casual onlooker because as I noted above, there have been some drug issues in neighbouring Tanzania in which some celebrities were detained by the police inorder to facilitate investigations.

Diamond’s brother Romy Jones was among the detained and word spread rapidly that Diamond too was detained but we spoke to his manager to clear the air:

Mpasho Exclusive: Diamond Platnumz Arrested Over Drugs? His Management Clears The Air

According to the fake story on Metro-UK, Diamond was found in possession of 2kgs of cocaine neatly tucked in coffee bags -the drugs had an estimated street value of 80,000pounds. When we spoke to Diamond’s manager, he cleared the air and said;

The story is fake!