Mwarabu Fighter, a former bodyguard to Diamond Platnumz has responded to claims that he slept with Harmonize’s bae Sarah.

Harmonize had in the song ‘My Boo’ mentioned Mwarabu hinting that people had talked about him smashing Sarah.

Partly the lyrics say,

‘In public they said you (Sarah)  have ‘done it’ with Mwarabu’ 

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Speaking during an interview with Bongo 5, Mwarabu was asked whether it is true he ever slept with Sarah to which he responded.

Diamond and Harmonize and Diamond know the truth regarding whether I slept with Sarah or not. that is why they have never talked to the media about it.

Mwarabu fighter

Mwarabu added that despite people assuming that Diamond was the ‘maker’ of the brand, there were other greater influences.

He helped me get here but God also played a part. I believe the way I work is what has enabled me to reach where I am. He also depended on me that is why he hired me.

Mwarabu Fighter also said that he can never bad mouth Diamond despite the fact that they are no longer working together.

I cannot talk bad about him I can only thank him for identifying the gem in me.

It was a give and take relationship.

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Mwarabu went on to add that he is unique and no one can replace him.

I worked with Diamond for five years and hence no one can say that I have no discipline. 

Every now and then people must mention you for the impact you had on their life.

That is why I never responded when I heard the song. I even praised the song, my wife loves the song.

Harmonize and Diamond Platnumz-mpasho
Harmonize and Diamond Platnumz


I love the parts where my name has been mentioned in the ‘Inama’ song  because I feel that they praised me for the good deeds I did.

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