Diamond Platnumz has explained the reason why his beef with Ali Kiba has never gotten out of hand unlike the beef between the new kids in the music industry – Harmonize and Rayvanny.

Even though beef is termed as a way to ‘spice’ up publicity, so that fans remain interested in their music. Now, artistes have gone as far as involving the authorities after their fall out.

Speaking to Wasafi Media, Diamond adviced artistes to only beef about the music business;

“Tulikuwa tunashinda tu kwenye maswala ya kazi….washindane kujua huyu ana views zake sijui ngapi, huyu naye sijui subscribers ngapi, yaani ivo.” 

“We have competed only because of music, they should compete on who has more views than the other, who has more subscribers”

The Tanzanian singer said this while advicing his proteges Rayvanny and Harmonize who have threatened to take legal issue against each other other a love triangle

“Naskia mara sijui wanapelekana Polisi…sio kitu ambacho unaweza sema niliwafunza ama …ukitizama hata kwetu sisi kaka zao wakubwa Mimi na Alikiba hatukuwahi kuskia kuna mambo ya kupelekana polisi ama Mahakamani”

“I hear they are taking each other to the authorities, they need to learn from Ali Kiba and I, we have never gone to the police or the court”

Since their debut into the music industry, Ali Kiba (King) and Diamond Platnumz (Simba) have never seen eye to eye.

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