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This has to be the biggest joke this year.

Bongo heartthrob singer Diamond Platnumz, real name Naseeb Abdul Juma, has raised serious eyebrows after he was named as one of the advocates to agitate for condom use.

Speaking during an awareness campaign on condom use, between his Wasafi Classic Baby (WCB) crew and Tume ya Kudhibiti Ukimwi Tanzania (TACAIDS), Diamond is reported to have pleaded with his fans to “weka condom mpangoni” to avoid the aids scourge.

The reason this is seen as a joke of the year is that two months after Diamond started dating his current Kenyan bae, Tanasha, they were pregnant.

They recently had a party where they revealed that Tanasha is 7 months pregnant. The couple met in November 2018.

Diamond Platnumz with pregnant Tanasha

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This will be Diamond’s fourth child with a third baby mama.

Tanasha revealed:

“We couldn’t hide anymore, but protecting my son I will do with my life. 7 months pregnant, 2 more to go and I must say this happened so fast and all so unexpectedly, at first I was convinced I wasn’t ready, but as time goes I realize I couldn’t have received a better blessing from God.”

Diamond said that as an influential personality, he saw it fit to educate all his fans across the world.

“I am positioned at an influential position and I have always wanted to impact lives by using my talent to reach out to my fellow youth. Don’t take this as me dishing out advice, it also about me adding knowledge,” he defended his views.

At the event, Diamond was quoted as saying, “This is the right time for me to talks about this issue and advice my peers and those who love my music. If we were to practice safe sex, we would make strides in reducing infections and the spread of the disease.”

Adding, “I don’t believe that the absence of female condoms would increase the spread since lovemaking involves two.”

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Diamond performing on stage

Diamond added, “Men should wrap it up!”

The Tanzanian musician then went ahead to reveal that men are notorious in pressurising women. He thus urged them to be wary of traps and individuals who insist on unprotected sex.

“Women, ask yourself, why is he forcing or pressurising you into unprotected sex? If you have not agreed to have a baby, say no, be cognisant that he has ill motives against you or wants to force you into motherhood,” said Diamond.


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