Diamond Platnumz was accused of being a deadbeat on many an occasion by his ex and the mother of two of his children, Zari Hassan. And boy did she have a go at him for it. Never mind that when they were together and Hamisa Mobetto chose to sue the Bongo Flava artiste for upkeep, Zari mocked her viciously.

Hamisa Mobetto with Diamond Platnumz
Screenshots from the video that showed Diamond and her together

Zari accused Diamond of never going to visit his children and also of not supporting her in bringing them up. She sang the well-worn ballad of the begrudgingly independent single mother well. She was the wronged dutiful wife and mother of Diamond’s children and she would be damned if all he brought to the table was all she had to eat!


Zari’s narrative, for the longest time, has been the only side of the story we have heard but all that changed when Diamond granted his own radio/ TV station an interview and he spoke frankly about his take on things. What he revealed was shocking!

Diamond claims Zari cheated on him with Peter of P-Square


Click on the link written in blue to find out who else Diamond accused Zari of sleeping with.

He went further on to reveal that he had hitherto indeed been paying child support for his two children Tiffah and Nilan but stopped two months ago. He went on to give details about what transpired saying he was paying her $2000 (two thousand dollars or Kshs 200,000) a month for his children AND allowed Zari and the children to live in his house in South Africa until his lawyers advised him to get a formal agreement.

He asked them to reach out to Zari and her lawyers. She went silent. It was then they advised him to discontinue any further dealing with her as per child support especially because she allegedly has frustrated any efforts he has made to see and spend time with the children.
Watch the video below of him explaining the situation:

Zari has since responded on social media and you can check out her response below:

“Don’t trust niggaz who deny their children” Zari warns Tanasha