Genge rapper Mejja says it has become so hard for him to trust women again after his wife left him suddenly.

In an earlier interview, Mejja said there was no disagreement between the two of them; she just left their home and broke up with him via sms.

“We had not disagreed, actually we were so happy. I was in Thika and I got her message asking me if I had arrived well. I told her yes and the next thing she told me was ‘Move on with your life’,” he said.

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“The next time I called her, she neither received nor returned my calls.”

Mejja said that was the last time she set foot in their home. The artist fell into a depression.

“It took me one year to get over it but even to date, I am still affected,” Mejja told Word Is last Thursday.

“I have realised that you can’t fight depression with money. What helped me was the support system from my friends.”

The Jana Kuliendaje hitmaker says at some point he dialled one of the numbers advertised on roadsides for prayers.

“I was stressed completely.”

Mejja can no longer bring himself to trust women. “I have gone on dates with different women but I am no longer patient. Immediately I notice red flags, I just quit,” he said.

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Mejja felt he could not open up to his close friends, being a man and all.

“As a man, sharing that with my friends was the hardest thing. It consumed me for so long but at last, I decided to open up,” he said.

“I could not imagine the mother of my child living with another man…with my career, you have to be happy, especially when you are performing to people, so I used to fake a smile.”

Mejja even started feeling suicidal.

“I felt like there was something wrong, but the best thing was that I had a friend who would come to my house. We would chat and slowly all the suicidal thoughts faded away and I got better,” he said.

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