Huddah Monroe
Huddah Monroe screenshot. photo credit: instagram/Huddah Monroe

Dame wa Masheesha has decided to turn over a new leaf. Huddah has been making money moves and I guess she decided she needs to act the part of a growing brand.

She has been signed as Belaire’s brand ambassador alongside Rick Ross who is actually Huddah’s friend on Instagram. yes, they follow each other.

This was after Rick Ross deleted all his photos with Diamond Platnumz. But that is a story for another day.

Her Instagram page was full of many epic pictures of her night out and even glimpses of her perky boobs, here and there.

We had a sight of her epic self and envious lifestyle on the gram.

Now, she has deleted all that.

It is a clean slate for Huddah.

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She cleaned out all her pictures and has just left her brand on her page. After the release of her eyeliner, her makeup line is clearly making amazing moves.

She also unfollowed all the negative energy on her page and is now just following 3 people among them is Rick Ross.

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We always do appreciate a clean slate, so to you, Huddah, may this year be full of the many dollars you have been dreaming of!

Check out her new account: