Terence Creative

The power couple, Terence Creative and his producer wife, Milly Chebby are in the centre of a sex scandal that has more twists and turns than a Philipino soap opera.

A fortnight ago, Milly threatened to go public with a sex tape she found on her hubby’s phone.

The tape showed a young lady dressing up in a poorly lit room as a man filmed her.

They seemed to be in a very intimate setting. The video is said to be making rounds on social media.

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Milly threatened on her social media,

“God I need strength for two, mine and Mila (daughter) before I lose it. Your apology needs to be as loud as your disrespect was.”


Here is the drama as reported by Edgar Obare on his youtube channel BNN.

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When the news came out, Milly Chebby denied any breakup news. In an Instalive video she said,

“There is power in silence.”

A fact that was echoed by her hubby Terence who said, “Silence is also communication.”

Responding to a fan who asked about their breakup and Terence’s infidelity, Milly responded to the fan,

“I have not commented and I won’t comment. I will not do that.”

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