In court papers, Ida and Winnie Odinga revealed that the late Fidel Odinga had another secret family with a luo woman.

And out of that family, he sired twins who are currently not being provided for yet Fidel left a multi-million business empire.

The court papers then give several reasons the widow should not be allowed to be the administrator of Fidel’s estate.

Ida and Winnie said in the court papers that Fidel had twins with a different woman – a girl and a boy – who are legally also his dependents.

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The late Fidel Odinga

The said woman is named in the court battle as Phoebe Akinyi Ogweno.

“The petitioner has deliberately failed to include and provide or otherwise show the intention of providing for the said minors hence a red flag on her intentions,” Ida said.

However, Bekelle through her lawyers termed her mother-in-law’s assertions as a concoction of facts given that the said twins were born six months after Fidel’s death.

“In the birth certificates attached to the affidavit in support of the cross-petition, there is no indication of the father of the said minors. The said birth certificates do not thus prove paternity of the minors,” Bekelle said.

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prezzo fidelShe rubbishes Ida’s arguments that Fidel supported the twins yet they had not been born at the time of his death.

“It’s evident that the objector’s pleadings in relation to the claims therein are inconsistent, disjointed, incoherent and can best be described as a concoction of facts. It remains inconceivable how the deceased supported minors even before they were born,” Bekelle argues.

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She, however, says that should it be proved that the twins were Fidel’s biological children, she would include them in the list of beneficiaries.

However, Bekelle blasts Ida for contradicting herself by claiming Fidel had other kids yet in the same document, she acknowledges that it is only her son that Fidel had sired during his lifetime.

“I addition, in paragraph 13 and 14 of the objectors’ answer to the petition for grant, they averred that my son was the deceased’s only descendant and he is the only living memory of the deceased. This averment is in itself contradictory to the objectors’ earlier assertion that the deceased sired other children in a different relationship,” she responded.

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