Not to be a conspiracy theorist but it seems the Odinga family is raising an issue with the mysterious death of their son, Fidel Odinga.

Fidel who was Raila Odinga’s heir apparent died on January 4, 2015, after a night out with friends.

A statement to the police by political giant Raila Odinga and his family over the mysterious death of their son has triggered a bitter fallout with the widow that has spilt into court.

In the case, Raila’s wife Ida and her daughter Winnie are seeking to block Fidel’s widow Lwam Bekelle from solely administering her late husband’s estate.

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In the court papers, Lwam says a statement Ida recorded with the Directorate of Criminal Investigations detectives regarding Fidel’s death was at the heart of their fallout.

In their affidavits, Ida and Winnie accuse Bekelle of taking off from her matrimonial home in Karen soon after Fidel was laid to rest and cutting all contact with the family.

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They also say Lwam kept off as the Odinga’s pushed to get to the bottom of what could have killed Fidel.

“That even though the death of the deceased remained a mystery and efforts were made to establish what suddenly transpired, the petitioners herein, kept off from the family,” Ida and Winnie said in a joint affidavit.

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The late Fidel Odinga

They went on:

“It remains unclear why the petitioner hastily ran away and kept off the family, whereas, there have been various efforts to establish contacts.”

But Lwam termed the statement “preposterous, offensive and made in bad taste”. She said Ida was in possession of Fidel’s autopsy report.

Fidel’s autopsy reports have remained under lock and key.

The mystery rages on.

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