Two guards were at the weekend arrested over the cold blood murder of a millionaire businessman whose body was found in the toilet after he was shot once in the mouth and bullet exited the head in Nairobi’s Westlands area.

Police said they want to know what the guards knew about the killers.
Mr Karandeep Singh Dhilon, 35, who operated wheat and transport businesses in Narok and Nairobi was alone when he was murdered on Friday night.

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He was murdered by gunmen who are believed to have been in his house long before he arrived home.

His three dogs were poisoned after they threatened the killers. They were found dead in the compound.

The family of Dhilon was away in India at the time of the murder. He had not married, neighbours said and described him as a hardworking businessman.

Police and witnesses said there was no break-in into the house. The rear door of the house was open and it seems they entered and exited there. Homicide detectives took over the probe.

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