Pendo Nairobi Diaries

Joseph Koener erupted onto our Kenyan gossip scene when Pendo announced that this man was going to lock her down. Yes, even Nairobi Dairies cast-members need love…cough…cough…money.

Pendo engaged
Celebrating with her mzee

To say that we were shocked is an understatement, Pendo was finally getting married and she had kept the man marrying her undercover! Something most socialites can’t do with those itchy trigger Instagram fingers.

Harusi ni lini! Nairobi Diaries actress Pendo gets engaged to mzungu ancestor(photos)

But who is the man who engaged Pendo then skipped out on a 75,000 shilling bill at a certain Westlands hotel? According to the Pulse pull-out which did an interview with him, he is:

He is Norwegian


He met Pendo online

He did not know that Pendo that was a popular Nairobi socialite.


He was married to another Kenyan woman, Elizabeth Waithera before he met Pendo

Joseph had a relationship with a Kenyan lady for close to 3 years. He told the Pulse:

She and I had a relationship between 2012 and 2014. After knowing her, I invited her to Norway where she stayed for 3 months. I had just come from a marriage separation with the mother of my two sons…I decided she go back to Kenya so that it can give me time to think about my relationship.

He and Elizabeth Waithera are currently squabbling

The Norwegian told the Pulse that the relationship with Waithera got progressively worse with her even telling the Norwegian authorities that he had been abusive, something he denied.

He came to Kenya to meet Pendo and to end things with his ex

He and Pendo met Waithera in Kenya last week to finalize their divorce but things did not go well. He was hit with a court order that was a travel block. Meaning he could not go back to Norway.

He can’t leave the country at the moment

He tried to depart Kenya last Wednesday but officials at JKIA stopped him and asked him to go clear his issues with Waithera.

He, however, concluded the interview by telling the pull-out that when the divorce is settled he will reveal the whole truth about his marriage.

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