Gospel singer Ben Githae says he became the laughing stock after he went astray in his marriage.

Last year, the ‘Tano Tena’ hitmaker made headlines after his alleged baby mama came to the public, accusing the singer of abandoning her with the twins and also plotting to kill her for refusing to abort the children.

Githae then defended himself, saying he’d been financing her.

“I have not refused the children are mine, neither have I refused to have a DNA test,” he said.

“I have been taking all the responsibilities. I have been paying the house rent for her, doing everything for her. If there’s anything else, she should tell you. This woman is out to tarnish my name.”

Well, some of his friends still remind him of his past, although his family forgave him.

Githae says of late, he has met several known people, including artistes, pastors and leaders, suffering from depression simply because of negative things that happened in the past.

“It is deeply eating them in the present. Sh*t happens as it happened to me a few years ago and was exposed early last year. I became a laughing stock but I refused to die,” he said. “I remained strong.”

“I refused depression. I prayed for forgiveness from family, friends and the public. Most forgave me but a few keep reminding me of that bitter past,” he said.

The whole issue affected his marriage as his wife held on to herself for long but when it came out to the media, it was the last straw for her.

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Githae encouraged people to pick up the broken pieces, surge forward like a rejuvenated river and confess that you will rise again. “Believe the report of the Lord for He is a God of a second chance. Be resilient,” he said.