Ladies and gentlemen, CR7 carried the day yesterday but I cannot help but feel that this is simply because of a whole host of swag fag panelists who are simply enamoured by the handsome lad.But most of my colleagues are calling me out for being a hater -nevermind the fact that they are ManU fans and Real Madrid glory seekers.

And to say I am fed up with the entire lot of them is an understatement. Puh! May their crotch area get infested by crabs and their arms become to short to scratch the region! When the facts are looked at, while I understand that it is not traditional for a goalkeeper to win top accolades when put up against a striker, Neuer deserved it. He had a great season and a fantastic World Cup that he capped by winning the tournament!

What do you think? Am I just a Cristiano Ronaldo hater or am I being real (pun intended)? Who do you feel deserved to win? Messi perhaps or Manuel Neuer?
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