It is now emerging that the boda boda rider who perished after getting involved in a tragic accident with Jaguar’s Range Rover wrote a letter three weeks before his passing.

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Sinforan Mugo Mwangi was one of the two causalities in the crash that occurred along the Makutano-Sagana road in Kirinyaga. The other was Joseph Maingi, a passenger.

The family of the deceased boda boda operator recently stirred up emotions after releasing a letter which he wrote February, 27, 2017 – exactly three weeks before he met his death.

In the letter, Mwangi begged for forgiveness from the LORD quite cognizant of the fact that he’s a sinner and had fallen short of His glory.

“I hereby come to your throne asking for your forgiveness for I have sinned against you and I beg for your forgiveness dear LORD for you have the power to forgive through your only son’s name. Forgive my sins.”

But that is not all. Mwangi also asked God to help him get Sh 200,000 – an amount he said he was going to use to build a house and buy a motorbike.

”LORD I beg you to help me get an amount of KSh 200,000 to build a house and buy a motorbike also make me remember to give you a tithe and offering from this amount. Please LORD I ask for your presence in my life and to love you always because you are a loving Father,” he wrote.

Here’s the letter:


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