Jacque Maribe and Dennis Itumbi
Jacque Maribe and Dennis Itumbi

For the last few years, Kenyans have been asking themselves when Dennis Itumbi is getting married so that we as Instagram-in-laws can have peace.

Many thought that he would marry Jacque Maribe but sorry to disappoint you, the two are just friends no romantic feelings attached.

In an interview with Kiss 100 Kenya, he said,

‘The bible says a good wife is a good gift from God and mine is still being wrapped by God.

My arms are open so when he is done he will drop it and it will fall into my hands.’

Dear KOT, here is Itumbi’s response to Jowie ruining his Valentine

Dennis Itumbi

‘Malizana na baby mama kwanza,’ Kenyans to Ben Githae after attending #MensConference2020

Further adding,

‘I will announce the wedding later, maybe the next February 29th after this year.

You will all be invited either as a member of the congregation, a pastor or as a bride.’

Itumbi said he believes in a relationship with one man one woman hence why he constantly uses the tag #OneManOneWoman.

We cannot wait to see who will be the lucky lady that will be receiving poems every day, if you know you know!

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