Jacque Maribe babe Shower invite
Jacque Maribe babe Shower invite

Yesterday, Dennis itumbi invited his boys for a babe shower.

This comes after rumours flew, left, right and centre claiming that Jacque is heavy with child.

Her second child.

“She is 16 months pregnant,” Dennis Itumbi told Mpasho.co.ke on phone.

Really, what does that even mean? We asked him.

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Jacque Maribe babe Shower invite
Jacque Maribe in a past pregnancy photo shoot

Dennis replied with finality,

“Kwisha hiyo maneno, she is 16 months pregnant. The only response I’m giving is that she is 16 months pregnant. Wewe fanya hiyo maneno ya interpretation.”

Hours later, Dennis who loves the attention that controversy births, posted an invite for a “babe shower”.

It read:

Jacque’s babe shower. BYOB, If You Know You Know. Saturday 22nd June 2019 6.00pm till late

For the design of the invite, Dennis used a photo of Jacque’s first pregnancy photo which she posted on May 10, 2017, and captioned it.

“It could have been today, it was almost on the 10th, when you would have made your way into arms Zahari…until you enjoyed 4 more days in there.”

Adding, “It is still as exciting, three years down…when the real countdown was on. Here’s to you, kid.”

Her son, Zahari is now 5 years old.

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A few weeks back, Jacque attended Sam Gituku’s wedding and from the photos, she did not look pregnant at all.

People are drawing their conclusions from a court photo where Jacque has on a frumpy coat and the angle in which the photo was taken makes it look like she has a baby bump.

Check out the photo below.

jacque in court
Jacque in court

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