Larry Madowo

Dennis Itumbi is one of the most polarizing figures to the younger generation of guys. Why? Because e went from being a blogger writing hard-hitting pieces to being a government insider. And nowadays, whenever he speaks, you just expect him to tow the Jubilee government’s line.

Dennis Itumbi, however, surprised himself and probably everyone when he broke with the plot and defended Larry Madowo whom many feel is being unfairly targeted by the Jubilee regime. Wait, I am getting ahead of myself. Let me start by explaining why and how Larry Madowo fell foul of the government and it’s various machines.

Larry Madowo hosted a guest by the name David Ndii who happens to be an economist who has been championing secession of certain regions of Kenya. Nation Media Group also threw their weight behind Larry Madowo in a short statement they issued about the fact that Larry had been summoned to record a statement.

“Neither Larry Madowo nor NTV will record a statement,”

Itumbi who is the Senior Director of Digital Communication at State House seemed as perplexed at the summons as the rest of us were, argued that journalists are allowed to interview anyone including terrorists and outlawed groups.

“As a citizen, I do not agree with the summons requiring Larry Madowo to record a statement with CID just because he interviewed David Ndii. As a journalist and a News Anchor, he exercised his Freedom and right to conduct an interview.
If anyone is interested to know what happened the authority is the Interview itself and it is still available online… Journalists conduct interviews even with leaders of Terror and Outlawed groups, that is their job #PersonalOpinion.”